Professor Amy Herzog      Spring 2020.  Wednesdays 9:10am-12:05pm

Email: amy.herzog@qc.cuny.edu           Office: 102C, G-Building

Phone: 718-997-2956                            Office Hours: Wed. 1:30-3:30pm

Appointments suggested, additional hours by appointment



This course will approach questions of gender, sexuality, and power in popular media, from early cinema’s appeals to middle-class female audiences at the turn of the last century, to the contemporary use of social media by feminist activists of color. Gender, sexuality, and identity will be viewed at the intersections of other identity categories, including race, class, orientation, ability, and ethnicity. We will examine the ways in which different media forms can be used to complicate, reinforce, exploit, or challenge those hierarchies.

Class sessions will be arranged historically, looking at the constellations of gender identities that emerge in different political environments, situating gender and sexuality within evolving cultural contexts. Readings and screenings will explore a wide range of representational forms. Scholarly readings will be paired with historical primary texts.