Quick update

Hello all,

Writing a quick note now to let you know the process of revamping the class assignments and preparing my notes to post online is taking a bit longer than expected. I’m madly working on this, and will be sure to let you know as soon as it’s up.
What I can tell you now:
A. we will be working, for the most part, asynchronously. I think it is too difficult to realistically get all 26 of us logged on to a common platform simultaneously— although I am researching this, and if I find a feasible way, I’ll send instructions.
B. I can PROMISE you will have adequate time to submit work, and will receive detailed instructions on how submission and formats might change. One thing I’m working on is extending the deadlines or reducing the requirements for most assignments, and I want to make sure I get the details right to avoid confusion.
C. As the blog participation increases, I am decreasing the amount of other required writing.
D. I’ll be holding virtual office hours where I’ll be available to video chat or email to answer any questions.
E. The goal here is to get through the semester and make sure you have the resources to do well in class, despite the obstacles.
I hope to have the new schedule and instructions posted in the next few hours. I’ll also be posting a video file of The Birds and lecture notes and blog prompt questions about Mulvey, as well as tips and guidelines for the close analysis project. I’ll be adjusting deadlines and will be available for questions and video conferencing to make sure you feel supported with the assignment.
Thanks for being so patient, and hope that everyone is coping OK with all the stress.
Prof. Herzog

Transitioning to online classes THIS WEEK

Hello all,

I haven’t heard from everyone regarding my earlier email– I’m pasting that message below, and am hoping to get confirmation from everyone in the class that you have access to a computer and wifi, and would be able to continue our class meeting via the course blog. Today I was granted permission to transition the class online, and am planning to start our first online session THIS WEEK (Wednesday).

I’ll be sending more instructions tomorrow, posting them both here, and on BlackBoard. In the meantime, please confirm with me via email that you received this notice, and if there is an email address you’d prefer to use rather than your QC address, please send that to me as well so I can make sure we stay in touch.

Please be safe, practice social distancing and copious hygiene, and if you can, make sure you’ve got some extra food/cash/advil/cookies on hand. Most importantly, do your best to stay calm and take care of yourself. Reach out to me right away if you have any technology-related concerns, or questions. I’m rewriting our class requirements and outline and will send more details asap.

Prof. Herzog

From: Amy Herzog – amy.herzog@qc.cuny.edu <do-not-reply@blackboard.com>
Sent: Sunday, March 8, 2020 8:29:44 PM
Subject: 2020 Spring Term (1) Gender, Sexuality, and Media MEDST 320W 01[48376] (Queens College): Class meetings during the COVID-19 crisis – RESPONSE REQUESTED

Hello all,

I’m certain that you all, like me, are following the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). All the information that we’ve received so far has encouraged us to be vigilant and prepared, but not to panic. This is wise advice. At the same time, it is almost certain that this situation will become more serious in the coming weeks, and I’d like for us to be proactive to make sure A. we all stay as safe and healthy as possible and B. you are able to finish the course, fulfilling all the objectives of the class without sacrificing any rigor or content.

Currently, Queens College is not switching to fully online courses, although options are under discussion. One of the main reasons cited is concern that many students don’t have computers or adequate access to WiFi at home, which is a legitimate problem. Individual instructors can petition to move their courses online, with approval from the administration. Because I have an underlying respiratory condition, I am planning to pursue this option. I’m not certain how long this process will take, and depending on how things develop, the decision to move fully online may happen regardless. I’d like to begin the process of preparing, however, and am asking you to respond to me as soon as possible with answers to the following questions:

1. Do you have access to a computer and WiFi at home, with the ability to log onto the class blog, Blackboard, email, and play video files? If not, what technologies or services would you need to be able to participate in class online? My plan is to conduct our classes not-in-real-time (e.g. you could play files, post, and email on your own time), to reduce bandwith requirements.

2. Do you have an underlying health condition that makes you vulnerable to infection, or are you the caregiver to a vulnerable individual? If so, please let me know right away. I will make accommodations for you starting now. There is absolutely no reason to put your health at risk.

As of today, I will be coming to class Wednesday with a giant tub of anti-viral/anti-bacterial wipes and a bottle of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. I will attempt to record the class for anyone who cannot make it (apologies in advance if the technology does not cooperate!!). My goal, moving forward, will be to share short lecture videos via the blog, and to adjust our participation requirements to take place via more frequent posts online. I am researching other technological options, including ways for you to record PPT/webcam presentations. I can hold Skype/webchat advising meetings, by appointment. It is possible that the school may request that we continue to meet in person. I will keep you posted.

I’ll be honest, it breaks my heart to consider canceling our in-person meetings. The life-blood of this class is the amazing conversations, presentations, and shared experience that happen in the classroom. I always learn SO much from you all. But this is an exceptional situation, and safety comes first.

Please be safe, wash your hands, try not to touch your face (why is that so hard?!!!!), and find as many ways as possible to stay calm and take care of yourself in these very troubling times.

Prof. Herzog

Welcome to the Gender, Sexuality & Media seminar

Welcome to our course page! This site is a hub for class announcements and handouts. All readings for the course can be found on Blackboard. Links for your discussion teams (teams A, B, and C for class readings) and blog groups are posted here as well. Looking forward to working with you!